Legal Fees

Our legal fees are based upon our hourly rates, although many matters are accepted for a fixed legal fee, such as wills and trusts and related estate plan documents, and charity formation.  Our fees are much more competitive than those offered by most other law firms that provide similar services, especially in view of our over forty five years of law practice experience.

In connection with estate planning, our legal fee includes what we refer to as our “lifetime service agreement”, which means that as long as we remain in practice, we will participate in meetings with clients at our office, and in telephone calls, at no additional charge, provided that the subject of the meeting pertains to the estate plan documents that we prepared.  We will also respond to any future questions about estate planning documents we have prepared without further charge.  We believe this policy may be unique to our firm, and free consultations on estate planning matters encourage clients to ask questions about their estate plan documents without concern over incurring additional charges with our firm.